Pre-Screening Evaluation

Complete our online free screening evaluation to see if you qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in the state of Florida. We will need medical records supporting your condition. Getting these records promptly is extremely important. Download ourmedical records release form now and include your treating physician name, phone number, and send it to them to get your records.

Face-to-Face Evaluation

Face to face medical evaluation including a physical exam, review of medical history, benefits and risk of medical cannabis.

Our physician will also talk with you about your condition, treatment options and develop a personal detailed treatment plan specific for your condition. After review and approval, qualifying patients will be placed into the MMJ registry.

Patients must present a valid Florida ID, such as a State issued Florida ID or a Florida driver’s license, medical records supporting their condition along with the physician visit fee.

Register and get your card

You will receive an email with an invitation from the Florida DOH OMMU with a temporary password. Make sure to check your spam/junk mail for it. Complete the application online, pay the required $75 and upload your drivers license and 2x2 passport type photo. Caretakers need to register separately.
Complete your application soon after receiving your recommendation since the registry may take 3-4 weeks to send your official card. After getting your card get your medication either by going to a nearby dispensary or use one of their delivery services.



Initial Evaluation

or transfer of care

In the comfort of your home

good for 210 days

Three 70 day orders

quick and easy

99 % Approval or  money back

$199  at one of our offices

Initial evaluation




If necessary

Requested by patient

dosing adjustmens 


quick and easy

via telemedicine

As Needed




Required by the OMMU

Every 210 days

Quick and easy

 Money back guaranteed


no hidden fees

every 210 days


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